Saturday, August 18, 2012

The "Before" Pictures

The bad news is that when I got to my classroom, it was filled with piles of boxes. Files and children's books mixed with binder clips and last year's crayons.

The worse news is that those are MY boxes. I kept old crayons? My new room has a lot of storage, most of it already filled with curriculum guides and teaching materials. The teacher who left this room was awesome, she cleaned so much! But, there is still a lot of sorting and purging to do.

The good news is that being in my new room is energizing and helps me envision all of the great times we are going to have here. We'll share great stories and grow as readers and writers. We'll sing and dance together. We'll observe the seasons change, counting up to 100 days and then counting down to June. I love that part. Did you see that the calendar is already up and ready to go???

Hooray! Can't help it. I LOVE back-to-school!


  1. When does school start?

  2. Day after Labor Day. I have lots of time to get this together. *panic* Right?

  3. Your room must be huge!

  4. My room is a pretty good size. It seems a lot smaller when it's filled with kids :)
    I just realized I don't have a good picture of the whole layout, I'll add one when I get there next week. Thanks for stopping by!