Thursday, October 25, 2012

SO much going on

We are seriously busy in kindergarten and try not to waste a single minute. We have so much work to do! I'm always impressed by their sponginess- eagerly soaking up new information. Here are just a few events from this week:

The class goes to the computer lab once a week to teach me about learn about using the computers. These students arrived in kindergarten with ROCKIN' computer skills. This picture shows my class working on, a great beginning site for kids.

This Wednesday, our Family Council held GRANDPARENTS DAY. Lots of Grandparents came to school to share lunch with their grandchildren and then play outside on our beautiful kindergarten playground. It was so nice to meet all of them. And there were only a few tears when they left!

More than anything, we are moving forward with learning and using the alphabet. This is my attempt at making the ABC Center more appealing. Yeah, it's still matching up the letters. But, it's colorful :) And I love that the letters are on matching paint sample colors, which makes this activity self-correcting.

And one more project I made this week. These are $1 photo albums. I slipped in an alphabet card on each page. (There are 24 pages, plus the inside of the front and back cover. 26!) Kids can write each letter of the alphabet with a colored dry erase marker, and they wipe clean beautifully!

We had an awesome week. Annnnnnnnnnd, we deserve this three day weekend :) Happy happy!

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