Friday, September 21, 2012

Math Tubs

This is math instruction in a busy, busy kindergarten classroom! 
A big part of our instruction is built into the calendar time each morning. We are counting the days in school, reviewing the 100 chart, building patterns, and seeing how the calendar works. Next week, we add a daily graph, highlighting real ways humans use patterns and numbers. Imagine that.

Each afternoon, we also have a guided math lesson. It usually includes a math story and sharing the pen as we complete a big book worksheet together. This is followed by independent work and practice in number formation --- a couple of worksheets. Ugh. Worksheets. I don't think the paper and pencil practice are an incredibly valuable tool for the students, but the "ugh. worksheets." are important for assessment and parent communication. 

Finally, our busy, busy math lesson includes math tubs. The hands-on activities that students share with each other in their table groups. This week we built patterns using the pattern blocks.

We ordered number cards in a card game. I love these cute counting turtles :)

One math tub had a graphing game. I was seriously impressed with their graphing skills!
I got the little dice shakers at the dollar store. Kids shake the container and then color a square above the number on the die. Sweet and simple. They loved this math tub.

And the final math tub held white boards and markers for practice in number formation. 
Around and back on the railroad track ! Two two two!

I have 5 groups and 5 tubs (no picture of the other pattern tub) ... enough to work in each math tub once each week. It's a great part of the day, when all the table teams are working independently and I get to meet with students and discuss what they are learning. The kids say that they love this part of the day. Me too, kindergarteners. Me too.

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