Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making a Graph

We are in chapter two of the math book, learning about patterns and graphs.

We started with a snack. Because that's always a great place to start.
After we tried both apples and oranges, the students chose their favorite and put their names on this paper to show which one they liked. (Or, kind of like a presidential race, which one they dislike the least.)

 It looked like the class was split pretty evenly (because there was not a column for chocolate donuts.)
We noticed that it was difficult to tell which fruit was more popular by looking at this chart.

So, I showed them how a graph can help organize information 
and make it so much easier to tell which fruit had more votes. Go apples!

Now we are graphing new information every day. We use clothespins on a poster board graph to organize information about our question of the day. 

And this crocodile scarf has nothing to do with graphing, but I finally finished crocheting it this weekend and it makes me smile. :) Blurry photo taken by a student.

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