Sunday, February 10, 2013

After School Clubs

In February and March our school has after-school enrichment activities for kids. 
This week,  I met with the Drama Club on Monday, helped out with the Running Club on Tuesday, and taught a pillow making class on Thursday. No after school club on Wednesday or Friday. I'm such a slacker.

The fleece pillows came prepackaged from Oriental Trading 
with the heart shape and fringe already precut. Hooray!

The nice thing about after-school clubs is that they all signed up because they want to be there. 
The kids were excited to get started on their pillows.

I was glad I had a nice mix of older kids and younger kids. Many of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students finished their pillows pretty quickly and went to help a younger student.

Everyone was pretty happy with the results. A very cute, super soft Valentine pillow! Love!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post Office

The kindergarteners are sending and receiving letters this week. :)
 I seriously love snail mail, and I'm happy to share this fun with my class by setting up a post office so they can write letters to each other and send them through our own postal service. Thanks again to my teaching partner for having these great dramatic play boxes set up for use every year!

Yeah, it's kind of a mess as they play with all the envelopes, stickers, scrap papers, and other VERY important papers. Parents sent in envelope and sticker donations to support our mail habit.

We're getting ready for Valentine's Day and sending great messages. 

(with invented spellings. love!)