Sunday, February 10, 2013

After School Clubs

In February and March our school has after-school enrichment activities for kids. 
This week,  I met with the Drama Club on Monday, helped out with the Running Club on Tuesday, and taught a pillow making class on Thursday. No after school club on Wednesday or Friday. I'm such a slacker.

The fleece pillows came prepackaged from Oriental Trading 
with the heart shape and fringe already precut. Hooray!

The nice thing about after-school clubs is that they all signed up because they want to be there. 
The kids were excited to get started on their pillows.

I was glad I had a nice mix of older kids and younger kids. Many of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students finished their pillows pretty quickly and went to help a younger student.

Everyone was pretty happy with the results. A very cute, super soft Valentine pillow! Love!

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