Monday, October 8, 2012


There are monsters in our classroom!!!
My kindergarten friends found some monsters living in our reading tent today!
This is Mrs. Zippy. Her mouth-pocket unzips and the word BOO! is hidden inside.

This is Smuggles. He has so many pockets! In his mouth-pocket, he has a little book about monsters and the word "Boo!"

My class has been reading the word "Boo!" when we find it written around the room. These monsters hide the word in a new spot every day. Not so scary, but lots of reading-fun!

These two are Charlotte and Thomas. They love books!
The Monsters are going to stay in the reading tent this week. Five students go to the tent at a time, so they will each have a friend to read to.

I made all of these monsters from old sweaters and clothes from Goodwill. I added hand-stitched felt eyes and bits like pockets and zippers from other pieces of clothes. Each one has a stitched-on heart. I love them, and I'm so happy that my class loves them too! I like to keep the monsters happy!


  1. Hope these monsters inspire your little kindergarten monsters to read, read, read!

  2. Your creativity astounds me! I think kindergarten is the most important year because it is the child's first impression of school. You're setting the tone for the 12 years ahead of them. Sounds like your kids are going to remember this year fondly...

  3. They are really great kids. I'm so lucky to be their teacher!