Thursday, October 18, 2012

Literacy Centers

I love when the kids are all working in literacy centers. More then any other part of the day, this feels like what kindergarten should be. 

Here's how it fits into our morning: 
8:35 Morning work (handwriting, math review)
9:00 Morning Meeting (greeting, calendar, alphabet, counting, shared writing, phonemic awareness)
9:30 Reader's Workshop (mini-lesson, silent reading/partner reading, sharing)
9:45 Literacy Centers 
10:25 Read Aloud and Poetry Time
10:40 Lunch

Our centers provide extra practice in reading, writing, working with words, listening, and speaking.
There are five centers, so students get to visit a different center every day. The kids are so engaged in their work that I can use this time to meet with them individually or in small groups to work on reading skills.

Here are this week's centers: 

Writing Center- mini books. Students are practicing writing in a little book. They love these little books, just a folded and stapled piece of paper. 

Reading Center- student shop for books, revisit books, and read to each other and the monsters and stuffed animals in the reading tent.

Word Wall Center- Students have clipboards and are reading and writing the words from the word wall.

ABC center- Students are sorting and matching letters, reviewing our alphabet chart, and playing "Say it Fast" where we blend letter sounds to make small words like "tap" and "hat".

Puppet Center- Students are working together to tell stories. I often hear the puppets singing songs and retelling stories from our group times.

I love literacy centers, and so does my awesome class. Hooray!

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