Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Songs and Snacks

One of the best parts of the day... (holy cow, HOW do I pick a best part of the day????).... anyway, ONE of my favorites parts of the day is Songs and Snacks, when the kids relax and chat, eat their snacks, and then join me on the carpet to sing a few songs together.

When I first got my ukulele out, some of the kids were amazed, even thrilled. I was feeling pretty good about my mad uke skills until I noticed a couple of kids plugging their ears. That's okay. I've gotten mixed reviews before. I can handle it.

You should hear their darling voices singing

There's a little wheel a-turnin' in my heart.
There's a little wheel a-turnin' in my heart.
In my heart, in my heart,
There's a little wheel a-turnin' in my heart.

And who can resist Jenny Jenkins?
I'll buy me a foldy-roldy tildy-toldy. seek-a-double, uza-cuza roll to find me!

And their favorite:
Lou, Lou, Skip to my Lou
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'!

Right now, we are just singing. In a couple of weeks, I'll put the lyrics in their Songs and Poetry books so we can read all the words as we sing. Rig a jig a jig and away we go! hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

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